The US can withdraw from the WTO – trump

США могут выйти из ВТО - Трамп

The White house threatened that the United States can withdraw from the world trade organization.

“An appropriate statement of the American leader did on Tuesday, August 13, speaking to the workers of the petrochemical complex of the British-Dutch group Shell in Monaca (Pennsylvania)”,- stated in the message.

“We will leave if we are forced… We know that they lied to us, and this won’t happen again”, – quotes Agency the American leader.

Previously, trump has repeatedly criticized the WTO, in particular, due to the fact that China in this organization has the status of a developing country.

This allows the second largest economy in the world to receive subsidies for the development of agriculture and to set higher barriers for import products.

As reported, Donald trump was postponed until 15 December, the introduction part of the duties on Chinese goods.

In particular, we are talking about products such as mobile phones, laptops, video game console, some toys, monitors, certain types of clothing and shoes.

All the other Chinese goods to the American a 10% duty will come into force from 1 September 2019.