The US has allowed the construction of two major gas liquefaction plants

США разрешили строительство двух крупных заводов по сжижению газа

The Federal energy regulatory Commission, US (FERC) issued a permit for the implementation of two new projects of construction of plants for liquefied natural gas (LNG).

So, was the project of the company Tellurian – Driftwood LNG expected capacity of 27.6 million tons per year, as well as the draft Energy Sempra – Port Arthur LNG 13.5 mln/t.

On both projects the final investasinya is expected in 2019 and the launch in 2023.

Both projects are unable to export gas to countries which signed FTA (free trade agreement), permission to export gas to other countries has not yet been issued.

This is the third since the beginning of the year permission to build the LNG plant, issued after a two-year break. In February endorsed the project Venture Global LNG Inc. design capacity of 10 million tons.