The US is going to impose sanctions on the “Nord stream – 2” and “Turkish stream”

США собираются наложить санкции на «Северный поток - 2» и «Турецкий поток»

The US state Department will include the “Nord stream – 2” and “Turkish stream” to projects that fall under the sanctions of the law “On combating the enemies of America by sanctions” (CAATSA). This was stated on Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, speaking to reporters at the American foreign Ministry.

“The Department of state updates guidance on CAATSA, including the “Nord stream – 2” and a second branch of the “Turkish stream – 2″. These actions jeopardize the application of sanctions, investments or other activities related to these Russian energy export pipelines,” he said.

“This is a clear warning to companies that provide assistance to the Russian projects to provide harmful effects and participating in them that this participation is unacceptable: out of these projects now, or risk the consequences,” said Pompeo.

According to his version, “Nord stream – 2” and “Turkish stream” “are not commercial projects.” “They are the main instruments of the Kremlin for the operation and expansion of Europe’s dependence on Russian energy, tools that undermine Ukraine blocking gas transit through this critical democratic country, a tool that ultimately undermine transatlantic security. The United States is always ready to help our European friends to meet their energy needs,” he said.