The US is trying to win over the army of Venezuela to the side of Guido – Reuters

США пытаются перетянуть армию Венесуэлы на сторону Гуайдо - Reuters

The US authorities are looking for ways to convince the cornerstone of support for the regime of President Nicolas Maduro – the army of Venezuela to abandon its support and take the side of the self-proclaimed “interim President” Juan, Guido, acting with the blessing of Washington, according to news Agency Reuters, citing a senior source in the White house.

The officer, talked with the Agency, said that the administration trump think of the military, who announced the support of Guido, “the first stones”, and also announced the emergence of “big rocks rolling down the slope”.

However, it is too early to speak about any progress in this matter, as the U.S. contacts with the Venezuelan military “is very very limited,” he added.