The US no longer believe that the Hong Kong Autonomous region

США больше не считают Гонконг автономным регионом

Hong Kong no longer enjoys autonomy in relation to the Chinese authorities, said Wednesday the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

“Today I reported to Congress that Hong Kong no longer enjoys autonomy in relation to China, given the facts from the event. USA – together with the people of Hong Kong” – he wrote in Twitter.

In a statement, Secretary of state, posted on the Department’s website, States that Hong Kong cannot continue to rely on before a special U.S. approach to the region, which Washington applied to it under American law until July 1997, when Hong Kong returned to Chinese sovereignty, and later.

Pompeo pointed to the intention of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives (vsnp) unilaterally to adopt the bill on the security of Hong Kong.

“The devastating decision of Beijing is just one of the steps in a series of measures that undermine the autonomy and freedom of Hong Kong and their own promises China to address the people of Hong Kong (under – Ed.) The joint Sino-British Declaration on the transfer of Hong Kong is an international Treaty, certified by the UN,” said Pompeo.