The us state Department announced the date of arrival to Ukraine, patrol boats Island

В Госдепартаменте озвучили дату прибытия в Украину патрульных катеров Island

Two American military boats of a type Island, which in September last year was officially transferred to the Ukrainian Navy, will arrive in the naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine no later than the summer of 2019, reports UNIAN with reference to the statement of samestyle assistant Secretary of state George Kent at a briefing in honor of the first international conference “Odessa debates: the unification of Ukraine, black sea region and transatlantic partners.”

The diplomat noted that after the wanton act of aggression committed by Russia on 25 November 2018 in the Black sea, where three Ukrainian warships had been captured and 24 of the Ukrainian military sailor was captured, the United States became clear that “the security situation in the Black sea not provided”. Therefore, said Kent, the United States is ready to cooperate closely with Ukraine to enable them to provide for their defense and to successfully defend itself against external aggression.

“Now two ships in Baltimore. It has the property of Ukraine, but they are not yet ready to cross the ocean to work in the Black sea. But it will take place this year,” said Kent, adding that the arrival of the boats will give Ukraine new possibilities in patrolling the Black sea.

In addition to sending military boats, the U.S. will provide Ukraine assistance training for the Navy and joint exercises in the Black sea, including “sea breeze”, and a regular presence in the Black sea of the ships of the American naval forces.