The US will maintain military aid to Ukraine in 2021

США сохранят объем военной помощи Украине в 2021 году

Financial assistance to Ukraine from the United States in the draft budget for 2021 will remain at the same level. Therefore, the assistance to Ukraine will include 250 million dollars allocated through the Pentagon, and the $ 115 million allocated through the program of foreign military financing state Department.

On the preservation of military aid to Ukraine, reports The Washington Post, citing a representative of the office of management and budget under the President of the United States Donald Trump. The representative confirmed that the budget proposals of the administration on 2021 lists aid at current levels.

The representative of OMB declined to comment further until the publication of the draft budget scheduled for February 10.

In his last two budget proposals the administration trump offered to reduce the program of the state Department for Ukraine to $ 20 million. However, each time Congress rejected the cuts and allocated $ 115 million.

The house of representatives in December announced Trump impeachment for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. It happened after the Democrats said that trump has frozen military aid to Ukraine in the field of security in order to exert pressure on the country to ensure the start of the investigation against the former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden and his son hunter.

The incident delayed assistance to Ukraine is being considered by Democrats in Congress as pressure on the Ukrainian authorities. This case became one of the main points of the charges against trump in a lawsuit in the procedure of impeachment passing in the Senate.

США сохранят объем военной помощи Украине в 2021 году