The US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies: Pompeo called the timing

Выход США из Договора по открытому небу: Помпео назвал сроки

According to the document, the output will be held six months after the Declaration of intent to leave the Contract

The Secretary of state of the United States Mike Pompeo announced when Washington is going to leave the open skies Treaty. The process will last six months.

According to Pompeo, such term exit specified in article XV of document: the state party leaves the Contract six months after you notify the other signatories. The reason of such decision became, according to the President of the United States Donald trump breach of Contract on the part of Russia.

“Tomorrow the United States will provide notice of its decision to withdraw from the open skies Agreement, the Depositary Agreement and to all other States parties. Six months later, starting tomorrow, the United States will no longer be a party to the Treaty. However, we may revise our conclusion, if Russia will return to full compliance with the document,” said Pompeo.

If to speak about violations by the Russian Federation, the state Department called them several. In particular, Russia has refused access to the monitoring flights within a 10 km corridor along its border with Russian-occupied Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Allegedly, the Russian Federation stated that these territories are independent States.

“The purpose of Russia to the airfield to refuel the open sky in the Crimea, Ukraine, is also an attempt to put forward a claim on the prospective annexation of the Peninsula, which the United States does not accept and will never accept. Russia has also illegally imposed restrictions on the range over Kaliningrad, despite the fact that this enclave became a place of considerable military buildup, which, according to Russian officials, includes missiles of short-range nuclear-tipped, aimed at NATO,” – said in a statement.

Also in the USA recalled when in 2019 Russia unreasonably refused a joint observation flight of the U.S. and Canada on a major Russian military exercises.

“The open skies Treaty was to contribute to international security, but it has undergone distortions,” said Pompeo.

NATO convenes emergency meeting on this issue on Friday, may 22.