The use of any product provokes insomnia

Употребление каких продуктов провоцирует бессонницу

Doctors told, from the use of any products in the evening should be abandoned. Writes referring to Chronicle info.

The first thing experts recommend to refuse from drinking tea and coffee. After all, these drinks can activate the Central nervous system. As a consequence, one is faced with a problem like insomnia. Furthermore, tea and coffee can trigger increased appetite. As you know, eating different kinds of treats at night leads to rapid weight gain. In addition, the physicians are advised to leave the Breakfast dishes from legumes. Of course, their nutritional value is hard to argue. However, use of legumes in the evening just not worth it. Indeed, in this case to avoid the appearance of bloating will not succeed.

Bad for the health of the person and the consumption of cheese in the evening. If the desire to eat this product is very strong, limit yourself to one slice. But processed cheese should completely withdraw from your diet. They consist of huge quantities of chemical substances. Also processed cheese are thickeners, which only complicate the process of digestion.