The user Ethereum paid $2.6 million for the penny transaction: error?

Пользователь Эфириума заплатил $2,6 млн за копеечную транзакцию: ошибка?

The user of blockchain Ethereum paid commissions in the amount of $2.6 million per transaction in $130 ETH. The Commission made two million percent more than someone ever paid for a listing in Ethereum.

The transaction, which took place a few hours ago, included the transfer of 0.55 ETN to the address provided to the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb, while 10 668 ETH was granted as a fee to miners. The transaction has been provided??SparkPool, one of the largest mining pools. About the incident told the website Decrypt.

The fee per transaction of $2.6 million since it was sent?? to address SparkPool where there would be a distribution of funds between miners. However, the reward for mining has not yet been transferred.

We continue the investigation of the incident unusually high fee for the transaction, you can leave tips here: SparkPool already had experience with similar problems and was able to solve them properly. “,

– wrote the company.

About the person who conducted the transaction, paying this?? great Commission, little is known. Previously this account was sent to a number of payments in the crypto currency exchange Bithumb.

Users of Ethereum fully control the cost of the transaction. They can choose how much they want to pay to the transaction was included in a block. The more they pay, the more likely that their operation will be quickly processed. But there is no reason to pay more than a few dollars.

There are a number of potential reasons why there can be such excessive Commission. Perhaps the simplest and most likely reason is that this unhappy person had intended to send $ 2.6 million in ETH with a $ 100 Commission, but accidentally mixed up the fields. But there are a few strange factors.

First, the transaction has been added?? in the first block. As a rule, transactions are added to the blocks in the order of their gas prices, that would make sense in this case. But other operations in the block are not ordered at the price of gas. This may indicate that the transaction was created by someone in SparkPool and intentionally included in the unit.

Another strange factor is that the user who sent the transaction, has always used the price of gas in 60 GVA for its other operations. Except this time the price was changed to 500 million GVA. It says that someone changed this setting for some strange reason.

Alex Svanevik, founder of data science DAO D5, said: “Given the distribution of prices for gas set by this purse (each operation rice gas price in 60 guy except this), I would say that this was an external interference in the wallet “.

This is not the first time SparkPool got this?? unusual transaction like this. In 2019 the mining pool Fund received a transaction with a Commission of $ 365,000. After correspondence between the victim and the pool SparkPool agreed to refund half the Commission. How will this time?

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