The victims of the shooting in Texas could become famous musicians from Blink-182

Жертвами расстрела в Техасе могли стать известные музыканты из Blink-182

Brutal massacre of people happened in the U.S. city of El Paso, Texas, on the night of August 4, Kyiv time. 21-year-old Patrick Crusius came in the popular Walmart shopping center and started a mass shooting people. As it turned out, among the victims can be an American punk rock band Blink-182, which had been scheduled there to meet with fans.

According to the singer in the band Mark Hoppus about the shooting at the Mall they learned during Breakfast. Artists from the group Blink-182 were just about to leave the hotel to meet with fans at Walmart. The property, which hosted the fair, musicians to travel just a few minutes, so if they had left the hotel, could become victims of the shooter.

Who are Blink-182Group, which was created in California, these three musicians Tom DeLonge, Scott Raynor and mark Hoppus. Wildly popular Blink-182 received in 1999 when they released their album Enema of the State. The next album also received the same recognition, and the tracks of the group were included in the top charts. Now the team has changed, but the soloist mark Hoppus and still leading the team.

“We had just finished Breakfast, when our guard reported that in a shopping center to which we went, is fired. I saw dozens of police cars on the freeway and the streets of El Paso, helicopters. We returned to the hotel and turned on the news to see what is happening,” said mark Hoppus.

For security purposes, the artists are still in the hotel room and not leave the building. The place, where he stopped the band Blink-182 before the concert, carefully guarded. At the same time, Hoppus Markle said he heard about the other assailant, who opened fire near a shopping center and Walmart.

We are closed at our hotel in El Paso. Just announced that there are reports of other active arrow directly across the street at the Mall Basset… the police denied this statement. But we are still in the hotel. Federal agents are on duty at the front door to the building,
– said mark Hoppus.

On the official page of the band Blink-182 on Twitter said that the planned concert in El Paso, which was scheduled for August 4 has been canceled. The organizers of the performance not yet reported, how will the refund for the tickets.

What about shooting in Texas?

On the night of August 4 in the American El Paso there was a fierce firefight, which killed at least 20 people and injured at least 26. Among the victims – men at the age from 2 to 83 years.

The attackers were a 21-year-old Patrick Crusius, who had specially arrived in the city from Dallas. The guy deliberately chose a shopping center located near the U.S.-Mexico border, because the majority of buyers out there – the inhabitants of the neighbouring countries, who come to the city for shopping. In the network, the man said that shooting to defend their country from foreign “invasion”. Therefore militiamen yet don’t qualify terrible attack as a terrorist attack, and are investigating the crime as premeditated murder and, in particular, hate.

Now Patrick of Crusius was detained by police. For the arrest of the guy militiamen took 21 minutes.

At the same time in El Paso recovering from a terrible fire. People massively donate blood at the nearest health centers to rescue the victims. In addition, the streets of the city intensified, the volunteers who are donors and give them shelter. To the tragedy responded to Donald trump, who brought condolences to the relatives of the victims and noted that he already spoke with the Governor and pledged the full support of the Federal government.