The virus is not transmitted by the breath: a well-known immunologist

Вирус дыханием не передается: известный иммунолог

Coronavirus in Ukraine 549 already infected people and the number of cases continues to grow. To protect themselves against infection during a pandemic will only strict observance of quarantine measures, recommendations to physicians and compliance with the rules of hygiene.

Doctor of medicine, immunologist from the Japanese Kyoto University Takayuki Miyazawa published its recommendations on how to reduce the risk of Contracting coronavirus. Employee of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine, Takashi Hirano moved the tips of doctor of medicine, and published the text on his page in Facebook.

Miyazawa notes that COVID-2019 is not unknown virus, it is just a version of the already known SARS-CoV-1. These viruses are very similar to each other and countermeasures against them are very similar.

“Now it is important to stop the spread. Many people do not notice that they were sick because of lack of symptoms. This is dangerous, because they unconsciously transmit the virus. While others can die from such a transfer. You need to change the perception. “I may already be infected”, “you can Never transmit the virus”. You need to think so in the first place. You need to concentrate on how not to transmit the virus to others and not on how not to get” – quoted scientist Hirano.

The immunologist said that the virus is not transmitted through ordinary breathing, but is transmitted by coughing or saliva. If patients wear masks, they prevent the virus from spreading. He adds that you should breathe with your nose, not the mouth. If you need to breathe through the mouth is not deep.

“If the virus multiplied in the depths of your lungs, it is already the end. Most often the virus is transmitted by hands. When you leave your house, don’t need to touch your eyes, nose, lips and mouth. If you have to touch it wash your hands first. If there is no sink to wash your hands with antiseptic or rubbing with wet wipes. If the amount of virus becomes 1/100, his transfer is unlikely,” – says the doctor.