The visit of the Minister of firecrackers and song

К визиту министра — петарды и песня

The visit of interior Minister Matteo Salvini to the town of Ala in the North-East of Italy, unknown assailants attacked a branch of his party. According to police, the office of the “League” threw a bunch of several firecrackers. The explosion happened at night when no one was inside. The damage was minor — broken window and the scattered documents.

“I hope they go to jail. I respect those whose opinion differs from mine, but who expresses it politely. And the one who raises his hand, hits or throws bombs is not an anarchist and an idiot and a criminal,” — said Salvini himself.

On the sidewalk in front of the building, the attackers wrote “Whistling wind”: this is the first line of a famous song of the anti-fascist resistance, written in 1943. She performed the song “Katyusha”.

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