The voice 9 season 5 release: legendary hits performed by the participants and funny jokes Potap

Голос страны 9 сезон 5 выпуск: легендарные хиты в исполнении участников и забавные шутки Потапа

Entertainment project “Voice of country 9” continues to impress the audience with talent. Sunday, February 17, hosted the 5th edition of “blind auditions”, as the ranks of the participants of the show is filled with new voices.

Behind the scenes of the show “the Voice of the country’s 9” raging real passion. A lot of talented singers eager to expand his performance seat superstar coaches – Dan Balan, Tina Karol, Potap and Montika. However, places in the teams is narrowing, which makes the contestants are pretty excited.

Not a little tension prevails in the judicial system. Each of the star mentors seeks to invite in my team the nuggets, who will be able to compete in the finals and win the Cup show “the Voice 9”. Who of talented singers got the winning ticket to the next stage of the project, read the material LifeStyle 24.

Opened the fifth broadcast of the “blind auditions” the group Leon Voci. Lvov admitted that their covers tend to break the usual stereotypes about Opera singing. Four talented artist chose a difficult song from the repertoire of the legendary band Queen, who helped Leon Voci deploy the seat of Tina Karol.

The voice 9 season 5: watch online the band Leon Voci

To conquer the stage of show “Voice of the country” decided Maria Nikulina. The girl has barely recovered from the loss of a loved one, therefore, only in the 9th season, I decided to join the vocal project. Sensual song she seeks to show that in any difficult situation there is always something worth living for. Maria Nikulina are unable to wrap only chair Dan Balan. Without thinking twice, the talented singer chose the team of Tina Karol.

The voice 9 season 5 release: view the online performance of Maria Nikulina

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To show their vocal abilities, and decided the winner of the second season of the show “dancing with the stars”
Kostecki. Choreographer and owner of dance studios, who has 6 years of experience in singing, came to support his colleagues. Fiery rhythms of Elvis Presley songs made up the entire hall, and the masterful singing of the reversed chair Dan Balan.

The voice 9 season 5 release: view the online speech of Sergey Kostecki

Since childhood
Telitchenko, dreamed of becoming a singer. However, all vocal show didn’t bring her success, because both participants and judges pointed out the girl’s curvy shape. Therefore Darius, Telitchenko selected “Voice”, where do not appreciate the appearance and choose only for the amazing vocals. Gaitana’s song charmed Potap and Montica that they agreed to fight for the singer. Darius chose incendiary Montika.

The voice 9 season 5 release: view the online speech Daria, Telitchenko

Next on stage were Daniel , Odnoralova, who admitted that he will sing for Tina Karol. Artist guy considers his idol and added that her songs give light in front-line everyday life in the Donbas. A resident of Konstantinovka chose the song, which struck Tina Karol originality.

The voice 9 season 5 release: view the online statement of Daniel Odnoralov

A fan of the Comedy “wedding Skazine” Karina Sokolovsky received support from all actors, and some of them came to the casting of the “Voice of the country”. The girl chose the song wards Potap “Ray.” However, Karina was not able to wrap the chairs of the coaches.

The voice 9 season 5 release: view online report Karina Sokolovsky

From Latvia came and cover singer Jana Klavina. The girl confessed that all the Baltic States listening to Ukrainian songs, so she came to “the Voice” to get motivation and advice for further development. Ian chose Tina Karol Potap what she didn’t keep singing.

For me, Ukraine has always been a strong talent. So I came here for a mentor who would say, as I continue to go, – admitted Jana Klavina.

The girl hesitated, but decided to choose Tina Karol, who is her idol.

The voice 9 season 5: watch online Yana’s presentation Klavinas

The young radio host Vladimir Zajaczkowski , decided to conquer the audience and judges of “the Voice”. Incendiary Odessa, which already has experience of performances on stage in “the League of laughter”, chose a cheerful song Don’t Worry Be Happy, which became the ticket to the team Dan Balan.

The voice 9 season 5 release: view the online speech of Vladimir Zaionchkovskii

But the resident of the city of Kovel decided to implement the Council of Kuzma Scriabin. After listening to the singing of Natalia Kornilenko, the artist was advised to go on the big stage. The girl decided to take the first step to the world of show business and devote his participation in the show Scriabin. The singer touched Potap and got to his team.

The voice 9 season 5 release: view the online speech, Natalia Kornilenko

Russian Evgeny Popov from the childhood dream of becoming an artist, however, problems with excess weight get in the way of success. The guy admitted that the music he regained confidence in himself. But to reach the next stage of the vocal project failed.

The voice 9 season 5 release: view the online performance of Evgeny Popov

After the success of “Slavianski Bazaar” in 2007 Natalia Krasnyanskaya disappointed in the world of show business and thought that will never come. The talented singer decided to return to music, taking part in “the Voice”. Singing girls in the last seconds turned Monatic.

The voice 9 season 5 release: view the online presentation by Natalia Krasnyanskaya

Star to conquer the judges and the audience came and Svetlana Gayev. The girl who works as an office Manager, decided to radically change his life and to try their hand at a vocal career. However, to deploy the chairs of the coaches she didn’t.

The voice 9 season 5: watch online Svetlana gaevoy

But Vladislav Berdnikov was trying to get at the “blind auditions” of the show for 5 years. The Governor did not give up and created his own group, which stands in the city. The project of the talented singer would like to unleash your creativity. Help her in this Monatic who took the girl in his team.

The voice 9 season 5 release: view the online speech Vladislava Berdnikova

To win their place in the show “the Voice 9” came Anastasia Andreeva. Catchy song Whitney Houston helped the energetic singer to win the hearts of the three star coaches. And the young inhabitant of Odessa wanted to work with Tina Karol.

The voice 9 season 5 release: view the online speech Anastasia Andreeva

A memorable performance on the show Arsen Zhuravel wanted to dedicate to my mom. The guy grew up without a father, so in 13 years to start to teach other kids singing and earn first money. Arsene surely made on the project, turning all the chairs of the coaches and took the applause in the hall. After a fierce struggle mentors he chose rapper Potap.

The voice 9 season 5 release: view the online speech Arsen Crane

Tina Karol (Tatiana Lieberman), a famous Ukrainian singer, TV presenter and actress. During his creative career he received many awards and became a real standard of tenderness. Tina Karol received the title of people’s artist of Ukraine and in 2006 represented the country at the song contest “Eurovision”, where he took 7th place. Tina for several seasons was the star coach of “the Voice” and “Voice. Children.”

Potap (Potapenko Oleksii) – famous Ukrainian producer and pop and rap artist. Although his duet with Nastya Kamenskih collapsed, however, it continues to develop its projects. In particular, under the auspices of Potap did the group “Time and Glass”, popular outside Ukraine. In addition, the rapper is a producer, singer Michelle Andrade. Potap several times was the coach of “the Voice” and “Voice.Children.”

MONATIK (Dmitry Montik) – Ukrainian singer, dancer, composer and author of the famous hits. In just a few years Monatic conquered the whole country with groundbreaking music and a unique performance of songs. However, the glory he would get from hard work: Dmitry Montik was a member of the show “X-factor”, “everybody Dance!” and “Star ring”, and also became a judge of season 3 of “the Voice. Children” and “dancing with the stars 2018”.

Dan Balan is a Moldavian singer, a successful producer, composer and songwriter. The actor began his career with the group “O-Zone”. After the breakup of the band Dan Balan began to make himself and had a lot of success worldwide. He became the first and only Moldavian artist who was nominated for the prestigious Grammy award for co-authorship of the hit Rihanna. Participation in a vocal show for Dan Balan will debut.

Voice Stroymechanika talent show that airs on the TV channel “1+1”. The project differs from all others in that the selection of judges affects only the vocal data of the participant. Everyone who participates in the project, is the “blind auditions” star of the judge, not seeing the man, picked him for his masterful performance of the song.

The show originated in the Netherlands in 2010 and spread rapidly throughout the world. Just a year later, the project was implemented in Ukraine. In 2019 there will be an 9 season of “the Voice”, which will open for spectators of the event.