The voice 9 season 9 issue: sensual performances and romantic among the star judges

Голос страны 9 сезон 9 выпуск: чувственные выступления и романтика среди звездных судей

9 issue of entertainment project “the Voice season 9” the parties agreed in the last vocal battle. So, Potap, Monatic, Dan and Tina with their favorites will be released in the first live broadcasts and will fight for the main Cup show.

Sunday, March 17, 9 died down edition of the popular TV show “the Voice season 9”. The stage project went out of talented vocalists who are in the fight trying to win a ticket to the live shows. Who managed to get to the next stage of the project and what the highlights have been live – read the material LifeStyle 24.

Catherine Gulyuk and the group “Select Kobzar”

Open vocal duels took command of Potap. So, Catherine Gulyuk went against Quartet “Select Kobzar”. Singers sang original folk song “Oh, under the cherry”. The participants of the show “the Voice season 9” added creativity to the usual song and filled it with elements of rhythm and Blues and country-and-Western.

Star trainers were in awe of modern sounding folk songs. Judges have supported Catherine Gulyuk, which is not afraid to speak with the male group. But the captain admitted that he was captivated by the sound of the kobza, so the team “Select Kobzar” took place in live broadcasts.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online report Catherine Gulyuk and “Silastic cobzaru”

Catherine Ran and Alexander Teslenko

To conquer the stage as one of the favourites of the project – Ekaterina the Run and Alexander Teslenko. The guy before the show admitted that he has no chance to win a place in the team, Dan Balan, after all, his rival was the most popular on the network. However, Alexander wanted to do anything to get a second chance from the celebrity coaches.

The pair performed the song 90s I’ve Been Thinking About You Londonbeat legendary band. And though Alexander Teslenko convincingly sounded in a duet, but winning the match was won by Ekaterina the Run. The star judges don’t pick the guy, so he said goodbye to the stage show.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online statement of Catherine Running and Alexander Teslenko

Magdalena Puskar and Alexander Moroz

Vocal battle continued the command of Mantica. Came on the scene the most sensual duet on the project, Magdalena Puskar and Alexander Moroz. Talented Ukrainians sang the song Another Love, a fragment of which is translated as “I want to sing a song that will belong only to us.” Therefore, Magdalena decided to dedicate this song to the opponent and thus to thank you for the time spent on the project, and support.

Lyrical song and sweet duet to tears touched Montika. All star coaches were in awe of the compositions performed by Magdalene and Alexander. After much hesitation Monatic was forced to make a choice – he chose Magdalena Pascar. But for Oleksandr Moroz was a struggle: “steal” singer wanted Tina and Dan Balan, however, the singer chose a Moldovan artist.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online report Magdalena Paskar and Oleksandr Moroz

Maria Nikulina and Darius Khramova

“Two cats” from the team of Tina Karol Maria Nikulina, Darya Khramova also came at a crucial vocal duel. Star coach selected for singers of the popular song of the American pop divas – Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Girls danced to the song and showed a bitter struggle.

Tina left the show “the Voice 9” Darius Temple, which is a member of her fan group. But with Maria Nikulina, the singer was forced to say goodbye.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online performance of Maria Nikulina and Daria’s Temple

Roksolana is an Orphan and Artem Banar

Wards of Potapov danced the song of Montica and Hope Dorofeeva “Deep”. This song is special because Artem was engaged in the arrangement of the composition.

To make a selection, Potapov was invited to the stage Hope Dorofeeva, which together with Monticom performed a snippet of the hit. After the incendiary dance colleagues star coach made a difficult choice: his team left Roksolana Orphan.

But Artem Banar could choose between two trainers who wanted to “steal” him in their team. The vocalist joined the team of Tina Karol.

The voice 9 season 9 issue: view the online speech Roksolana Orphans and Artem Banara

Giorgi Darakhelevidze, Samuel Grilli and Sofia Shafir

The following trio were able to ignite romntico in the hall “country 9”. George, Samuel and Sophia masterfully performed the song 90s “Battery”, which combined with the hit of sting – Shape of My Heart.

The touching song Dan Balan dedicated to Tina Karol, and during his speech he invited her to dance, which caused a flurry of emotions. Star coach, after hearing the advice of his colleagues, left the team a PEP Giorgi Darakhelevidze.

The voice 9 season 9 issue: view the online speech, Giorgi Darakhelevidze, Samuel Grilli and Sofia Shafir

Viktoriya Uvarova and Victoria Oleynik

Charismatic Victoria was able to pick up from the chairs all the spectators, who enjoyed an unusual presentation. Both vocalists sang the song Alina Pash “Bitanga”, which combined with the song Sam Smith and Calvin Harris.

Monatic chose Victoria Oleynik, which will continue to fight on the show “the Voice of the country-9”. Star coaches “stole” Victoria Uvarova, so she said goodbye with a vocal project.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online report Victoria Uvarova and Victoria Oleynik

Daria voronchuck and Daniel Odnoralov

Tina slid two delicate timbre in a romantic song. Daria voronchuck and Daniel Odnoralov managed in a matter of minutes performances to touch the audience and make them happy. Not less happy were the star judges, who praised Tina Karol for their hard work and well chosen composition.

After much consideration, the artist was invited to the team of Daniel Odnoralov, who was upset that his opponent did not “stole”.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online report Daria voronchuck and Daniel Odnoralov

Vyacheslav Kretov and German Romanchenko

But Dan decided to make a real men’s fight. On stage, he was invited Vyacheslav Kretova and German Romanchenko, who received an ovation after rock songs.

Celebrity judge didn’t know what to recommend to my colleague, because both the vocalist sounded fantastic. Dan Balan chose Vyacheslav Kretova, noting that Herman has shown the worst result. But man, not “stolen”, so he sensually said goodbye to the show.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online report Kretova and Herman Vyacheslav Romanchenko

Nicholas Zaporozhan and Jaroslav Koshelnik

Potap decided to combine in vocal battles two original voices – Nicholas Zaporozhan and Yaroslav Koshelnik. Men performed the song charismatic and romantic of the Italian singer Adriano Celentano.

Singer Tina Karol admitted that the inhabitant of Odessa Yaroslav Koshelnik can compete with Oleg Vinnik, because every word of it women believe. Listening to the impressions of colleagues, the captain decided to leave him in the project.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online report Nicholas Zaporozhan and Yaroslav Koshelnik

Marina is Cool and the Duo of Vlad and Roman Tarantovich

Banderishka Marina I didn’t expect her stellar coach Monatic will show her talent on the other side. The girl came on the stage of the project with the Duo of brothers Tarantovich. The singers performed their hit Ukrainian band “druga Rika”, adding the song “3 minutes” sound of the bandura and rhythmic arrangement.

This song stunned the leader of the team of Valery Harchishin. which received a standing ovation. The participants sang a cover of the song with its author. Monatic removed to his team of brothers Tarantovich, noting that the decision it was very difficult. Potap I decided to “steal” talented Marina Cool.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online presentation by Marina Cool and the Duo of Vlad and Roman Tarantovich

Victoria Botvina, Anastasia Andreeva and nick Topilko

Tina decided to experiment by creating a trio of incredible vocalists – Victoria, Nicky and Anastasia. Amazing girls performed a world hit and told what their star coach behind the scenes.

Even though all participants of the project are flawlessly sung, but Tina decided to choose nick, Topilko, in which the voice of Adele.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online report Victoria Botswanas, Nicky Topilko and Anastasia Andreeva

Bogdan Renk and Valentin Kolakowski

Before the show Valenin Kolakowski admitted that he expected to meet in a duel the guy can compete on stage. But his opponent proved fragile Bogdan Renk. Potap chose for singers romantic song, which is so close to each other both vocalists that Valentin nearly fell in love with the girl.

This Duo was the opening of a combat, therefore the farm could not determine the name of the one who will continue to fight it.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online report of Renk Bogdan and Valentina Kulakovskogo

Artem Liska and Henriques, Joao Presento

Charismatic Artem Liska came to vocal fight with Henriques, Joao Presenteu. The singers performed a world hit, igniting the whole room the rhythmic beat of the track. Dan Balan decided to give the ticket to the next stage of the show Enriches, but Tina Karol “stole” Artem Liska.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online performance of Artem Liski and Enrique Joao of Presendy

Christina Skvira and Alina Pilugina

Give Ukrainian folk song-a different, modern sound came from Montik. He suggested that Christine skvyrs’ka and Aline Podlesnoy to sing a song “the blackthorn flowers”, change the usual stereotypes about the song.

Stunning vocals and an unusual sound caused a flurry of comments from the superstar coaches.

The voice 9 season 9 edition: view online presentation by Kristina skvyrs’ka and Alina Podlesnoy

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David Axelrod and Jana Klavina

Closed 9 edition of the show “voice of the country-9” team of Tina Karol. In the final contest on stage were David Axelrod and Jana Klavina. Sensual singers sang the song “Taka Yak ti” by popular Ukrainian band “Okean Elzy”.

Tina Karol completed a set in my team, taking us to the next stage of the show, David Axelrod.

The voice 9 season 9 issue: view an online presentation by David Axelrod and Yana Klavinas

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Tina Karol (Tatiana Lieberman), a famous Ukrainian singer, TV presenter and actress. During his creative career he received many awards and became a real standard of tenderness. Tina Karol received the title of people’s artist of Ukraine and in 2006 represented the country at the song contest “Eurovision”, where he took 7th place. Tina for several seasons was the star coach of “the Voice” and”Voice. Children.”

Potap (Potapenko Oleksii) – famous Ukrainian producer, pop and rap artist. Although his duet with Nastya Kamenskih collapsed, however, it continues to develop its projects. In particular, under the auspices of Potap did the group “Time and Glass”, popular outside Ukraine. In addition, the rapper is a producer, singer Michelle Andrade. Potap several times was the coach of “the Voice” and ” Voice. Children.”

MONATIK (Dmitry Montik) – Ukrainian singer, dancer, composer and author of the famous hits. In just a few years Monatic conquered the whole country with groundbreaking music and a unique performance of songs. However, the glory he would get from hard work: Dmitry Montik was a member of the show “X-factor”, “everybody Dance!”and “Star ring”, and also became a judge of season 3 of “the Voice. Children” and “dancing with the stars 2018”.

Dan Balan is a Moldavian singer, a successful producer, composer and songwriter. The artist began his career in the group “O-Zone”. After the breakup of the band Dan Balan began to make himself and had a lot of success worldwide. He became the first and only Moldavian artist who was nominated for the prestigious Grammy award for co-authorship of the hit Rihanna. Participation in a vocal show for Dan Balan will debut.

The voiceof the Vocal talent show that airs on the TV channel “1+1”. The project differs from all others in that the selection of judges affects only the vocal data of the participant. Everyone who participates in the project, is the “blind auditions” star of the judge, not seeing the man, picked him for his masterful performance of the song.

The show originated in the Netherlands in 2010 and spread rapidly throughout the world. During the year the project was implemented in Ukraine. In 2019 there will be an 9 season of “the Voice”, which will open for spectators of the event.