“The voice” demands to dismiss emtsa from the post of Minister of health

«Голос» требует уволить Емца с должности министра здравоохранения

The deputies of the faction “the Voice” has prepared a draft resolution on dismissal of Ilya Yemets from the post of Minister of health.

The authors of the document call for the dismissal of emtsa at the next extraordinary session of Parliament, reports the website of the political party.

During his tenure of three weeks, Ilya Yemets has proven a complete inability to perform the duties of a Minister.

“Ilya Yemets completely failed in Ukraine’s preparations for combating coronavirus. Failed the organization test population. Blocked 67 million UAH, for which it has long been possible to get the tests and protective suits for doctors. Prevented the implementation of the second phase of health reform. And tried to put the beholder in the State enterprise “the purchase of Health of Ukraine”. For this he must carry not only political responsibility. His inaction should be investigated by law enforcement authorities”, – said the people’s Deputy Olga Stefanyshyna.

“Voice” requires the adoption of a resolution on the dismissal of emtsa at an extraordinary session of the Parliament, which is tentatively to be held on Monday, March 30.

In addition, members need to appoint an independent, competent and professional person who understands the processes in the healthcare system, knows how to effectively implement the reform, will be able to take a quick anti-crisis solutions in the context of a pandemic that was sweeping the Ukraine.

In party note: the constant change of Ministers incompetent and clueless personnel policy of the authorities has led to a critical situation. Ukraine is not ready for the epidemic Covid-2019, Ukrainian doctors are not protected and do not have clear instructions how to act in case of detection of the disease, according to “the Voice”. And declare that because of bad management but also attempts to capitalize on the epidemic, “today, we already have a catastrophe in the industry.”

As reported, as of 10:00 March 28 in Ukraine, 311 laboratory-confirmed cases Covid-19. Including 8 deaths, 5 patients recovered (4 adults, 1 child). During the day there were 93 new cases.