The voice Kids season 5 release 1 online: what talented participants first joined the team of judges

Голос Дети 5 сезон 1 выпуск онлайн: какие талантливые участники первыми пополнили команды судей

The first release of the new fifth season of the musical project “Voice. Children” was released on the channel “1+1” may 26 at 21:00. Star trainers during the first casting “blind auditions” began searching for unique children’s voices.

The terms show the Voice Kids season 5 participants, please wait for the “blind auditions” the coaches sit in chairs with their backs to the stage and evaluates only the voice of each singer. After clicking the button, the trainer to the stars expands his seat to the party, thus inviting the singer to his team.

Star coaches of “the Voice. Children” season 5 are: Jamal, Jiji and soloists of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive.

Jaroslav Politov, 12 years

The talented boy from Energodar of Zaporizhzhya region first came on the scene 5 season project. As a song, he chose rather soulful smash hit The Sound Of Silence, than immediately turned 4 chairs. Jaroslav chose the team Jamala. Consequently, he became the first member of the vocal project and the first member of the team of the winner of the Eurovision song contest in 2016.

The voice Kids season 5 release 1 watch online: choosing blind – Jaroslav Politov – The Sound Of Silence

Taisiya skomorokhova, 7 years

Talkative and incredibly little remake of an girl from the very childhood I wanted to get to the vocal project. And her mother promised that when Taisia turns 7, she’ll take a young star on “the Voice. Children.” And her dream came true – today 2 she performed the iconic song of Tina Turner “Simply The Best”. It turned all 4 chairs, but she decided to choose Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive.

The voice Kids season 5 release 1 watch online: choosing blind – Taisiya skomorokhova – Simply The Best

Bohdan Peter, 14 years old

The guy from Neteshin decided to start a music career in this city. He was inspired by famous Ukrainian artists, who also started with small, confident steps. Bogdan often locked myself in my room and listened to video tutorials Tina Karol at the music. Now he has decided to conquer the capital on stage, a children’s “Voices”. The guy performed a lyrical single “Zakrili two Ochi” favorite singer Carole, turning the chair Jamala, “Time and glass” and Jiji. Before you choose your mentor, he asked Jiji to sing a duet song “me and Sarah”, and then chose him as their “guide” on the project.

The voice Kids season 5 release 1 watch online: choosing blind – Bohdan Peter – Zakrili two Ochi

Maxim Ustyanskie, 11 years

Boy from the city Kropiwnicki admitted that his goal is to attract their peers to the culture. He even has a position in the class of m– Ministers of culture. In school it is withdrawn only the best words, noting that he is incredibly bright. Immediately coming on the scene, he lit the whole room, because from the first notes conquered people by the rendition of the fun song “birthday”. Thus Maxim launched a chair Jiji and automatically went to his team.

The voice Kids season 5 episode 1 preview issue watch online: choosing blind – Maxim Ustyanskie – birthday

Julia Brown, age 12

The girl from Kiev half Ukrainian and half Iranian. She was sure that no matter what a person’s nationality or skin color, if he is talented. Julia is Convinced that the Ukrainians, melodious and beautiful nation that it is even more inspiring to move forward. She took the stage of the project and sang the song artist Fergie “A little party never killed nobody”. The original performance of the popular hit so bribed judges that turned all 4 chairs. The talented Julia was incredibly happy and after some deliberation chose the team Jiji. Now in his team already three members in the first hour of the project.

The voice Kids season 5 release 1 watch online: choosing blind – Julia Brown – A little party never killed nobody

Magilla Maria, 14 years old

Girl from Belarus is convinced that “Voice. Children” is a great opportunity to prove himself. Looking at the previous seasons, which from abroad came and took the first position, she has no doubt about its success in Ukraine. Every few months she comes from Belarus, to take vocal lessons, so her victory she would go very purposefully. For performances on “the Voice. Children” she sang the song of Monetica “UVLAYOUT”, also deploying 4 chairs. The girl always wanted to be in the team “Time and glass” and finally did it, adding to the set of participants Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive

The voice Kids season 5 episode 1 preview issue watch online: vibora blind Maria Mogilnaya , UVLAYOUT

Maxim Davidyuk, 11 years

The boy from the city of Rivne started his career in his hometown. There he known soment, which leads to a lot of shows and participates in various creative projects. Despite the talent, his childhood is full of sad moments. When he was 4 years old, his father went the wrong way and started to get involved with drugs, and then died soon after. That he Maxim and decided to dedicate a song and urged not to repeat the mistakes of the father. A soulful voice in the song Hurt impressed all of the judges turned their chairs. After some deliberation, the boy decided to join the team Jamala.

The voice Kids season 5 release 1 watch online: vibora blind – Maxim Davidyuk – Hurt

Valery Tkachuk, 8 years

The small vinnichanka a little dream – to make a group “Time and glass”. She even went to their concerts and they decided to go for vocals. It yield Positive became her inspirations and a few teachers from whom she also gained skill. Valeria dreams of what they will turn to her and invite to your team. She performed the popular song group “Name 505”, but it failed to deploy any chairs and she left the project. But Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive did not remain in debt and realized her dream – to sing with her on stage.

The voice Kids season 5 release 1 watch online: choosing blind Valery Tkachuk Name 505

Jarosław Karpuk, 13 years old

The guy from the city Old Vivka located on Valensina, has quite many fans in their region. Admired by neighbors, girls, dancing to his songs, and indeed all relatives, calling it the local “Nightingale”. Beauty peers from him thrilled and just wanted to get the radius of his attention. Consequently, quite a confident young man tried to cover Elvis Presley, singing the cult hit

The voice Kids season 5 release 1 watch online: choosing blind jarosław Karpuk – Can’t help falling in love

Daria, Armenak and Veronica kolomiytseva, 11 years

11-year-old girl from Kherson to know each other since 5 years when I was doing vocals. They realized that they have common preferences in music and views on life and decided to create their own duet “Wings”. Daria and Veronica believe that friendship is one of the most important things in life. The big advantage of the friendship they believe different taste in guys, because this often becomes the main cause of the destruction of friendship. The talented artist has performed Ukrainian song “Ivan, Kupala” to the beautiful national costumes, however, are unable to deploy the chair nor one of the judges.

The voice Kids season 5 release 1 watch online: choosing blind – Daria Romanchuk and Veronica kolomiytseva – Ivan, Kupala

Sofia Vinnik, 11 years

The girl from the village Jablanica Ivano-Frankivsk region has an incredibly warm feeling to your own edge and cute describes farm grandmother. Sofia loves music and never misses a concert at the village and district. Her keen as the villagers and classmates from a small school. For a vocal project, she sang the popular song Olya Cybulski and Jiji “it is. This is the” Already after the first seconds of the “culprit” hit Jiji turned to her in the chair, and shortly thereafter responded and Jamal with a group “Time and glass”. Sofia, without hesitation, chose the team Jiji.

The voice Kids season 5 1 issue to watch online: the choice is blind – Sophia winnick – it is. The this

Daria Bugaychuk, 10 years

A girl from the city of Rivne you have previously participated in the project “Voice. Children”, while the team of Natalia Mogilev. But then her place in the main part was taken by other members and she had to leave the project. After that, the school’s highly teased, saying she was in the “extras” project and not a worthy participant. Now she intends to prove their talent and to reach the final of the project. With new strength she walked out on stage 1 release of season 5 of “the Voice. Children” with their powerful hit song “Antarctica” group the Hardkiss. So, she managed to deploy all the judicial seat, and then she chose the team of the duet “Time and glass”.

The voice Kids season 5 release 1 watch online: choosing blind – Daria Bohaychuk Antarctica

Sasha, Zazanashvili, 12 years

The boy from Georgia, in spite of his unusual talent, has a big heart. His family already has six kids – except my sister, four children from another family. Their parents were neighbours and were killed in the accident, and he gave the idea to my parents to take orphaned children into their family. 12-year-old boy wants to win the project and to help my family, to have brothers and sisters had a happy childhood they deserve. Incredibly strong rendition of the song All by myself, enchanted the judges, who instantly turned to him with all the chairs. After the execution of another soulful Georgian folk songs at the request of Jamala he collected his thoughts and still chose coach on the project. They became the group “Time and glass”

The voice Kids season 5 release 1 watch online: choosing blind – Sasha, Tatarashvili – All by myself

During the show “the Voice. Children” 5 season 1 release of star trainers scored 11 participants.

Soloists of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive scored of participants: Thais skomorokhova, Maria Mogilnaya, Daria Bugaychuk, Sasha, Zazanashvili.

The team Jamala – Jaroslav Politov and Maxim Davidyuk.

And Jido Bogdan Petrovsky, Maxim Ustyanskie, Julia Brown, jarosław Karpuk and Sofia Vinnik.

Jamala is a Ukrainian singer who won an incredible fame after winning the Eurovision song contest 2016 in Stockholm. Then she sang a song “1944”, dedicated to the Crimean Tatar people. The star is often involved in musical projects, releasing albums, travels a lot and goes to red carpet social events.

Dzidzo (Michael Homa) is one of the most famous Ukrainian artists, which supports the soloist in the group DZIDZIO. The artist is in the genre of “Comedy anti-glamour pop” and often uses in his song surzhik. Together with other musicians released several successful solo albums and also participated in the filming of more than 10 Ukrainian films.

Soloists of the group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive (Alexey Zavgorodniy) – cheerful Ukrainian band, performing songs in the genre of pop. The Duo is producing the project Alexey Potapenko (Potap). During his career he received many awards, in particular, in Russia.