The voice season 7 10 the issue: who managed to win the last place on the show

Sunday, March 1, was held on the 7th edition of the “Voice of the country-10”, which was the last day of the so called “blind auditions”. Places in the teams of Dan Balan and Tina Karol is short, so the participants of the show are making all effort to pass the audition. Who managed to get to the next stage of the project – learn the material LifeStyle 24.

The struggle for space on the entertainment project “Voice of country-10” intensified. All because on the last day of auditions, which the organizers showed in the 7th edition of the show, teams of Montica, Nastya Kamenskikh and Potap has already formed. There are only a few places: 2 – Tina Karol, 5th Dan Balan.

But on the show comes three nugget that will shake the all star coaches. Do judges eksta-places – read the material LifeStyle 24.

Tatiana Ignatenko

Over 9 years of incendiary, the Governor tried to get on “the Voice”, but each time have experienced failure. Therefore, in 2020, Tatiana Ignatenko is determined to win a place in the teams, the star coaches and a small number of places don’t bother. For almost a decade, the Governor has improved the vocals, so easily have chosen a song by the rock group Evanescence.

Crazy charisma and stunning vocals made Tina Karol and Dan Balan click the button. After some hesitation Tatiana Ignatenko chose Moldovan artist.

“The voice” season 7 10 the issue: see the online presentation by Tatiana Ignatenko

Nicholas Cichanowski

Promising vocalist Nicholas Cichanowski of just came to the project to realize their dream of the big stage. For the incendiary speeches he chose a song from the repertoire of outrageous MARUV. However, neither dances nor powerful vocals could not deploy seat star coaches. The guy admitted that the tracks of Monetica he likes and does not intend to give up the dream. With the famous artist Nicholas sang a song and said goodbye to the viewers of the show.

“The voice” season 7 10 issue: see online report Nicholas Cichanowski

Victoria Demchyshyn

To the scene came and Victoria Demchishin, which barely restrained excitement before the performance. Auditions for the vocalist chose a lyrical song of “Boombox” – “watchman”. Sensual composition forced the coaches to dance, but no one pressed the button. All the judges noted that Victoria Demchishin born for music, because it appealed to parents to support the singer and believed in her powers.

“The voice” season 7 10 issue: see online report Victoria Demchyshyn

Tamara Baluk

To get to the vocal project “Voice of country-10” dream young mother of two children from Odessa – Tamara Baluk. Before the performance, she admitted that during the year lost three loved ones. However, this did not make Tamara Baluk to give up the dream. In addition, the woman wanted to show by example that children were not an obstacle to success.

On vocals Tamara Baluk turned all star trainers who were willing to use their extra space. She chose a coach who first turned his chair – Dan Balan.

“The voice” season 7 10 issue: see online report Tamara Baluk

Michael Dumnich

Talented vocalist Michael Dumnich from Transcarpathia, which for years working abroad, wanted to join the team of Mantica. Therefore, the fact that the trainer to the stars had already filled all the places, some upset guy. But Michael did not lose hope that will win the extra place. But to get to the next stage of the show, he failed.

“The voice” season 7 10 the issue: see the online presentation by Mikhail Domnich

Jamal Marceline

Volunteer from new York, Jamal Marceline also came to entertainment. In Ukraine, the guy in the framework of the “peace Corps” helps children to learn English and is therefore actively exploring the Ukrainian. Music Jamal considers his passion, so dreams of someday becoming a real artist. However, in the show, the singer was not able to get into.

“The voice” season 7 10 issue: see online report Jamal Marceline

Anastasia Balog

7 edition of the “voice of the country-10” was made by 16-year-old Anastasia Balog. The girl – fan of creativity Dan Balan, so before going on stage said that he wants to join the team of idol. And although her vocals were flawless, the artist still pressed the button.

“The voice” season 7 10 issue: see online performances of Anastasia Balog

Angela’s Kansuzyan

Vocalist Angela of Kansuzyan traveled thousands of kilometers in order to become a participant of the “voice of the country-10”. The girl came from Abkhazia and tries to prove to herself that deserves to stand on the stage of the popular project, which she admires. Since childhood the strict tradition forbade it to develop, but the music Angela still refused.

In the last seconds of his speech to the singer turned Dan Balan.

“The voice” season 7 10 issue: see online report Angela of Kansuzyan

Roman Susanin

The star of season 10 of “the Voice” was the Roman Satanic. The guy showed up at the last day of casting, and stunned all star judges. All because the novel was the winner of children’s “Voices 2”, which was won by Tina Karol. After participating in the contest, he had many concerts in Ukraine, and after changing the timbre of the singer decided to return to the project.

“It’s almost my son,” explained Tina Karol all the colleagues who turned into the voice of 17-year-old boy. Roman Susanin unexpectedly chose Dan Balan.

“The voice” season 7 10 the issue: see the online presentation of the Novel Susanina

Ksenia Bug

Space is left only in the team of Tina Karol, so the participants understand how demanding will be the selection. However, the chance to be refused Xenia bug. 25-year-old girl has long been a street musician, so confidently went on stage. For speech, she chose a song KAZKA “Cried,” change beyond recognition. Tina chose Xenia bug in the last seconds of speech.

“The voice” season 7 10 issue: see online report Xenia Boogie

Natalia Turbine

10 anniversary season of “the Voice” seeks to conquer and Natalia Turbine, which has long been performing on the stage. The girl strikes a powerful way, but no less special vocals. Vocalist demonstrated the ability to take high notes, but to deploy chairs star coaches failed.

“The voice” season 7 10 issue: see online report Natalia Turbine

Catherine Sivun

Ekaterina from Kiev Sivun admitted that her parents divorced. So a girl brought up by grandparents, who support her in her attempts to become an artist. Thanks to them the talented Catherine Sivun came to the auditions of “the Voice of the country-10”. The singer dramatically changed the popular song “Give me your hand meni” Iryna Bilyk, hitting all the coaches.

Catherine Sivun failed to deploy chairs stars. However, Tina Karol admitted that the vocals she heard powerful, but she heard psychological uncertainty.

“The voice” season 7 10 the issue: see the online – statement by Catherine Sivun

Anna Trubetskaya

“I came for the Voice to repeat the success of Tina Karol” – said the contestant Anna Trubetskaya from Mogilev. The singer admitted that imitates the style idol and knows how much she made efforts to obtain such glory. So Anna Trubetskaya ready to fight for the opportunity to perform on the big stage.

For casting 7 issue contestant chose the song “gravity” by altering the arrangement. Anne turned all of the chairs and Tina enthusiastically admitted that she sang better. Contestant learned Nastya Kamensky because they were in another talent show. After some hesitation Anna Trubetskaya chose Tina Karol.

“The voice” season 7 10 the issue: see the online presentation by Anna troubetzkoy

During the 7th edition of the “voice of the country-10” star coaches have completed their teams:

  • Potap and Nastya Kamensky not invited anyone to the extra space, though, and unfolded their chairs on the performance of the participants.
  • Team Montica also there was no replenishment.
  • At the same time, the team of Tina Karol did Xenia bug and Anna Trubetskaya.
  • Dan Balan invited Tatiana Ignatenko, Tamara Baluk, Anastasia Balog, Angela of Kansuzyan, Roman Susanina.

Potap (Potapenko Oleksii) and Nastya Kamensky – a famous Ukrainian couple, who together are actively developing their musical projects. In particular, under the auspices of Potap did the group “Time and Glass”, popular outside Ukraine. In addition, the rapper is a producer, singer Michelle Andrade. Potap several times was the coach of “the Voice” and “Voice. Children”, but for Nastya Kamenskih this show was new in her career.

MONATIK (Dmitry Montik) – Ukrainian singer, dancer, composer and author of the famous hits. In just a few years Monatic conquered the whole country with groundbreaking music and a unique performance of songs. However, the fame he achieved by hard work: Dmitry Montik was a member of the show “X-factor”, “everybody Dance!” and “Star ring”, and also became a judge of season 3 of “the Voice. Children” and “dancing with the stars 2018”.

Tina Karol (Tatiana Lieberman) , a famous Ukrainian singer, TV presenter and actress. During his creative career he received many awards and became a real standard of tenderness. Tina Karol received the title of people’s artist of Ukraine and in 2006 represented the country at the song contest “Eurovision”, where he took 7th place. Tina for several seasons was the star trainer of the project “Voice of country” and “the Voice. Children.”

Dan Balan is a Moldavian singer, a successful producer, composer and songwriter. The actor started his career from the group “O-Zone”. After the breakup of the band Dan Balan began performing himself, and got great success throughout the world. He became the first and only Moldavian artist who was nominated for the prestigious Grammy award for co-authorship of the hit Rihanna. In 2019, he became a mentor Oksana Flies in the 9th season of “the Voice” and got her the victory.

The voiceof the Vocal talent show that airs on the TV channel “1+1”. The project differs from all others in that the selection of judges affects only the vocal data of the participant. Everyone who participates in the project, is the “blind auditions” star of the judge, not seeing the man, picked him for his masterful performance of the song.

The show originated in the Netherlands in 2010 and spread rapidly around the world. During the year the project was implemented in Ukraine. In 2020 an 10 season of “the Voice”, which will open for spectators of the event.