The Volgograd official in the court declined to persecution of activists

Волгоградский чиновник в суде отказался от преследования активистки

The former head of Rosprirodnadzor in the Volgograd region Sergei Vasiliev withdrew the lawsuit libel ecologist Anastasia Sergeeva. The court has not found crime structure in its actions, and dismissed the case. About it the correspondent of Radio Liberty.

In January 2019 Sergeeva, working as a geography teacher, filed a complaint in the regional division of Rosprirodnadzor in Federal service. She accused regional office for inaction in addressing the problem of illegal movement of waste dump from Volgograd to the storage pond located near the town of Svetlyy Yar in 50 kilometers from Volgograd. In the complaint Sergeyev questioned the competence of the head of regional management. Vasiliev wrote a statement on the criminal proceedings against the artist, accusing e of libel.

At the meeting on 21 may, the prosecution invited the linguist Dmitry Ilyin, Professor, Volgograd state University. He read the results of their study of the text of the complaint Sergeeva, who provided him with Vasiliev. The expert acknowledged that some of the statements Sergeeva can be considered as discrediting the honor and dignity of official. After the pleadings Vasilyev nevertheless dropped the charges and withdrew the suit.

In conversation with the journalist of Radio Liberty Vasilyev acknowledged the public importance of the environmental activity Sergeeva and said that decided not to spoil her life with criminal prosecution. The lawyer of the activist Olga Zavgorodneva in conversation with the “Caucasian knot” suggested that the official decided to drop the charges as they realized that they would lose the court.