The volume of Ukrainian exports to the EU has already reached the ceiling – Deputy Prime Minister

Объем украинского экспорта в ЕС уже достигает потолка - вице-премьер

Assuming continuation of current commodity structure of Ukrainian export volume to the EU could soon reach its “ceiling”.

As the correspondent of “European truth”, this statement by Deputy Prime Minister for European integration Dmitry Kuleba made during the conference “Trade wars: the art of defense”.

“Given the fact that most of our exports are agricultural products and raw materials, we see that the growth rate of our exports gradually slowed down – this means that the possibilities of such exports gradually reaches his ceiling,” he added.

The way out is the extension of the product range of Ukrainian exports to the EU.

“That’s why we have high hopes for the signing of the agreement on industrial bezveze – this should give new opportunities for Ukrainian exports. Another path to growth – increasing the number of Ukrainian companies working with the EU. Now there are about 14 thousand, but this number should continue to grow,” he said.

We will remind, in September Kuleba said that to start the work of individual agreements ACAA, that is, the so-called “industrial bezveze” with the EU needed “precedent” the signing of at least one of any agreement.

Agreement USAA is the recognition of the equivalence of technical regulation and conformity assessment of the European, enabling manufacturers of industrial products to obtain the necessary certificates in Ukraine, and not to go to the EU in search of an official representative (resident of EU), which can obtain the certificate.