The volunteers of the Victory launched a charity event “Red carnation”

Волонтеры Победы запустили благотворительную акцию "Красная гвоздика"

Volunteers of Victory together with the Charity Foundation “Memory of generations” have launched the charity campaign “Red carnation”. As part of her volunteers distribute badges with the image of a symbolic flower in 83 regions of the country.

The event will be held from may 1 to June 22. To join everyone can.

“It is very important not only to remember the heroism of the fallen Heroes, but to help the living. Volunteers of Victory for the second time will take part in the action and take to the streets to collect donations to help veterans. Last year volunteers received over 2.2 million rubles. Fond “Memory of generations” has increased the amount of 18 million I Hope this year we will be able to assist a greater number of veterans. It is our common task is to protect them,” – said the head of the WATERS “Volunteers of Victory,” Olga Emelchenkova.

In the campaign involved 6 million volunteers, specially trained Volunteers from Victory charity Foundation. Share “Red carnation” will run until June 22.

The funds raised will be spent on the purchase of medicines, medical equipment and rehabilitation VETERANOV Velikoi? Otechestvennoi? voi? us and other military actions.

“We appreciate the support of the action of the all-Russian movement “Volunteers”, and we think it is important. Volunteers make an invaluable contribution not only in distribution icon “Red carnation”, but in the development of the idea of conscious philanthropy in the entire country. Last year we managed to cover 63 regions. This year the number of regions increased to 83″ – thanked the Volunteers of the Victory Ekaterina Kruglova, Executive Director of the Charity Foundation “Memory of generations”.

“Volunteer Victories” unites more than 1 million volunteers throughout the country. Website Traffic was more than 200 thousand people. “Volunteer Victories” help veterans, improving memorable places and military burial, tell the people of our country about the achievements and Heroes of Russia, carried out nationwide, historical quests. The movement has 85 regional offices, 812 municipal headquarters, 220 community center of civil and Patriotic education of students in educational institutions.

In April, the movement has mobilized more than 19 thousand people in the project to help veterans of the great Patriotic war.