The war in the Donbas: Russian mercenaries suffered heavy losses

Война на Донбассе: русские наемники понесли тяжелейшие потери

Over the past day in the Donbas, the terrorists used against the Ukrainians banned heavy weapon, the new lost BMB and 17 people wounded and killed.

On Thursday March 7, terrorists 13 times otkryvaet fire on Vasily APU and peaceful settlements, and our soldiers did not leave attacks unanswered. The terrorists suffered heavy losses, the press service of staff of the environmental protection section in Facebook.

Russian mercenaries shelled from AFU artillery systems of 152 mm calibre and mortars of calibers of 120 mm and 82 mm, spending 119 ammunition.

Positions of AFU were fired from 120-mm mortars in the area of the settlement Waterfrom the 82-mm mortars, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms near the village Gnutovo, grenade launchers of various systems, heavy machine guns and small arms in the area of the settlement Peski.

Terrorists fired from mortars caliber 82 mm near the village of Crimean, mortars 120-and 82-th calibers, anti-tank missiles, automatic easel grenade launchers and heavy machine guns near the village of Khutor Freestyle, from artillery systems of 152 mm calibre – the urban-type settlement of Novotoshkovskoye, from 120-mm mortars – near the settlements Aydar, Trinity and Novozvanivka, mortars 82-caliber – at the village Ekaterinovka, from heavy machine guns and small arms – in the heart of the village of point Russian Federation, from small arms near the village of Novoluganskoe.

From 13 attacks was 5 wounded Ukrainian soldiers. The terrorists also shelled the town Happiness, resulting in a damaged apartment building.

The Ukrainians responded to the attacks and destroyed 4 Russian mercenaries, another 13 wounded likvidiroval one of the BMP.

As of 7:00 March 8 shelling positions of Ukrainian troops is not fixed.