“The war is not all cured”. The military Prosecutor’s office responded to the statement of Ryaboshapka about the possible elimination of the office

"Война еще не всех вылечила". В военной прокуратуре отреагировали на заявление Рябошапки о возможной ликвидации ведомства

The team of the military Prosecutor of Ukraine stated that the Deputy head of the office of President Ruslan of Ryaboshapko “superficial understanding” of the work of the Ministry. A statement published on the website of the General Prosecutor’s office in Facebook.

“We consider unacceptable the statements about the uselessness of military Prosecutor’s office, which is due to surface overview. We hope that further reforms will be constructive and deliberate, devoid of someone’s order, Packed in reformist wrap with a bow. War is not all cured,” – said in the message.

The Department stated that the number of military prosecutors is 6% of the total number of prosecutors, with 75% of indictments with respect to crimes relevant jurisdiction sent to court by military prosecutors.

“Every day, military prosecutors detained an average of two to three people, conducted on 8-9 13 searches and “seizures” and questioned 120 people, reimbursed UAH 250 thousand, sent to the court on 17 indictments,” – said the military Prosecutor’s office.

The Ministry added that in 2014 the military prosecutors have prosecuted for waging aggressive war, 263 people, among which 68 citizens of the Russian Federation (21 of them official, 18 generals and admirals, the 18 judges of the Russian Federation). Set 160 illegal retention of captured soldiers APU and civilian, questioned 1800 victims who were illegally detained and tortured by the militants in the Donbas. Transferred to the office of the Prosecutor of the International criminal court more than 1000 pages of evidence of Russian aggression sent to court 1300 indictments in relation to corruption crimes and the like.

August 6 Ryaboshapka declared that it sees no need for the existence of the military Prosecutor’s office.

The military Prosecutor’s office is a structural subdivision of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. It is engaged in the supervision of execution of laws in Armed forces of Ukraine, the State border guard service, national guard, Military service law enforcement of the APU, the security service and other military formations.

Now the Prosecutor General is headed by Yuriy Lutsenko. On 21 July the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that Lutsenko “right” will not be attorney General of Ukraine.

On 23 July the President called Ryaboshapka here “top expert” and one of the candidates for the position of head of the Prosecutor General.

Ryaboshapka said he estimates his chances to lead the General Prosecutor of Ukraine 50%.