The Washington Post calculated how many times trump has lied since the inauguration

The Washington Post подсчитала, сколько раз Трамп соврал с момента инаугурации

The President of the United States Donald trump since his inauguration in January of 2017 has made over 20 thousand statements that are not true. Such data on Monday gave the newspaper the Washington Post, which trump himself has repeatedly been accused of spreading fake news.

According to the publication, the American leader allowed himself not corresponding to the truth of statements on a variety of domestic and international matters, including commenting on the impeachment process, pandemic coronavirus and the events surrounding the death of African American George Floyd. According to the calculations of the newspaper, as of July 9 – 1 267 days in the White house – the trump lied 20 times 055.

The newspaper noted that most of the President of the United States distort reality, saying that “the current state of the American economy – the best in the history of the country.” In addition, trump briefed regularly on “the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico” and “the largest tax cut in American history” that is also not true, the newspaper stressed.

The publication reminded that a limit of 10 thousand false statements were overcome by trump in April 2019. Thus, over the last 14 months he averaged lied to the public 12 times a day, including presentations at meetings, interviews, and posts to Twitter.

The Washington Post is one of the largest and most influential Newspapers in the United States. In 2013 it was acquired by Amazon founder Jeff Bezosa for $250 million, the Newspaper constantly criticized the activities of the administration of the tramp, causing resentment of American leader, accusing the media of misinformation.

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