The weak-willed residents of Pavlograd will not allow for the development strategy of the city until 2030

Слабовольных жителей Павлограда не допустят к разработке Стратегии города до 2030 года

Concerned about domestic problems, lack of money and lack of jobs Pavlohrad no idea that in another 5-7 years to live in the city will be more comfortable. Communism no promises, but many problems will not be over.

The plan to defeat the disorder or Strategy of Pavlograd will be issued in 2020, those residents who responded to the call of the head of the Pavlograd district state administration Sergey Rublevsky shape the future.

The work: volunteers call those who have agreed to work on the strategy, specify full name, phone number, and age of the companions. Once specified, on what issues citizens would like to work: public utilities, local infrastructure, social services, law enforcement, quality water supply, education, Economics and the environment.

It is possible to work in three groups on the above strategic areas, it will be a real people building without bricks and cement. Cement and bricks will be delivered later.

Future strategists to find out their financial situation, offering to note: “constantly short of money,” “hard, but enough” “sorely lacking”.