The website with pirated music Convert2MP3 closes, PayPal for online sellers and funding in the black list of the United States: TOP news stories of the day

Сайт с пиратской музыкой Convert2MP3 закрывается, PayPal для онлайн-продавцов и пополнение в черном списке США: ТОП новостей дня

In today’s world we could miss a lot only because it too is being actively developed. News is created every hour and every minute. But you are lucky because all the fun that you might have missed for today, Tech Informant gathered the TOP news from the world of technology.

Technology and punishment: what equipment is needed at the state border

Recently in the United States under the weight of cucumbers drug traffickers hid almost 650 pounds of methamphetamine and opium. In order to find the drugs workers of the border service used through the scanner. President Donald trump said they will do everything possible and will use all the technology to prevent narkopritonov. Although actually, the technology at the borders even more than you can imagine. Ranging from simple scanners, finishing machines X-RAY. Also popular the invention of the portable x-ray has its “fans” on each border. All these devices are created to enable you to feel secure on Board the plane or enter the country – a lot of options. All designs to check facilitate the work of border guard and accelerate the process of passing the border.

The website to copy the audio Convert2MP3 closes

Convert2MP3 was a popular pirate website, through which millions of people for free music. But as you know, piracy is the main threat for the music industry. So this was to be expected. Many labels have filed lawsuits against the site in order to win back their money that they “stole” users, when not paid for their work. In order to avoid conflicts Convert2MP3 decided to leave the network and even to give the domain. Due to the fact that many used the service because of free music, now they need to find new ways of listening to your favorite tracks. They will find you. There is demand – will product. Piracy for many years took away the earnings of artists who are given the maximum for his job. So, paying for music is, at least, respect the author.

FedEx refused to deliver Huawei phone in the US

And U.S. sanctions against Huawei every day is becoming tougher and tougher. This time the American company FedEx refused to send smartphone and returned it to the sender. The shipping company decided not to clarify the new changes and just refused the package. Only a few days PC Magazine (the sender and the recipient as sent from the office in London to Indianapolis) received a response from the carrier with an apology. “The package was mistakenly returned to sender, and we apologize for this operational error. As a global company, which transports 15 million daily goods, we strive to comply with all rules and regulations and to minimize impact on our customers as we adapt their activities in line with dynamic legal and regulatory frameworks of the USA”, – explained the company.

This is totally ridiculous. Our UK writer tried to send us his @HuaweiMobile P30 unit so I could check something – not a new phone to our existing phone already held by our company, just being sent between offices – and THIS happened @FedEx

– Sascha Segan (@saschasegan) June 21, 2019

PayPal for online sellers: what does it mean

For several years we use PayPal – a convenient payment method everywhere. The only problem was with online stores which each time when paying with need to enter all of your information. Infuriated, right? Now there is an opportunity in the same way as in other services to pay for your order. But this is only the case if the seller accepts Google Pay on your web site or mobile application. Now shopping has become more pleasant and easier. Nice thing: if you use Google Pay, then it’s even easier – no need to go into the PayPal account. Chose – issued – paid. The seller in turn receives payment business PayPal account, simplifying your life with unnecessary transfers and banks.

The US government blacklisted more Chinese technology companies

Another five new Chinese companies joined their “friends” in the black list of the United States. As with Huawei, the scandal around the national security. Now trade and economic relations U.S.-China will be very difficult to resume. The ban came: Higon, Sugon, of the integrated circuit Chengdu Haiguang, a technology of microelectronics Chengdu Haiguang and the Institute of computing technology, Wuxi Jiangnan. Now us stocks for the production of chips will fall daily. Because of these scandals suppliers and buyers turn away from the Chinese market, but the Asians this is not very worried. For example, Huawei moved to a trademark under the name of its operating system Hongmeng in Peru. They are ready to establish a stronger link with the European market to compensate for all losses.

Previously, we reported that Huawei introduced the smartphone line-Nova 5 and the new processor Kirin 810. But Xiaomi will spend hundreds of millions of dollars to compete with Huawei in China.

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