The website switched to Ukrainian Techno 24

Сайт перейшов на українську - Техно 24

A popular website for job search November 9, switched to Ukrainian language. Initially the site was only in Russian, later it added the Ukrainian version, however it was not basic.

On November 9, the site will be loaded in the Ukrainian language. And on Russian it will be possible to switch from Ukrainian.

This was announced by the founder of Arthur Mikhno.

“We believe that the website needs to speak the Ukrainian language and at the same time to be tolerant of users who prefer to use another language, providing them with such opportunity”, – said Mikhno.

He stressed that this was not an easy decision, because there are a lot of problems, for example regarding search engines that may lead to loss of traffic.

“This step there are great risks: and understanding on the part of society that doesn’t like change or Ukrainian language, and by search engines and possible for some time to lose some organic traffic,” – said the founder of

By the way, the day the company chose symbolic, because November 9 is the Day of Ukrainian language and literature.

What is This is a Ukrainian site for job search, which is daily visited by about 400 000 visitors. According even when Ukrainian was not the primary, 18% of users passed on her own.

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