The white house is blocking the full publication of letters about aid to Ukraine

Белый дом блокирует полную публикацию писем о помощи Украине

The white house has blocked publication of the unedited email correspondence officials for the delay military assistance to Ukraine in 2019, the public organization The Center for Public Integrity.

The members of the organization succeeded in obtaining this information through the court, referring to the Act on freedom of information. In December last year, the Ministry of justice of the United States ushered in the correspondence of officials to the General public, but in heavily redacted form – most of the text was blacked out.

The Ministry of justice explained the provision of documents in a form of “presidential privilege” allowing the White house not to publish information about “internal discussions” in the administration of Donald trump, even at the request of the court.

“The letters reflect the communication between the President, the VicePresident and the President’s closest advisors on the adoption of the President’s decision, so they are privileged,” – DW quoted lawyer of the White house management and budget Heather Walsh.

However, the Center for Public Integrity with such arguments do not agree, and insist that the publication ottsenzurovan letters in full in the interests of the public.

This information can not be “privileged”, as for those of the administration’s trump and the President himself that the accounts chamber of the USA has recognized the illegal claim in public organizations.