The who about the risks for Ukraine from “antirecord”: the health system is on the brink

ВОЗ о рисках для Украины от "антирекордов": система здравоохранения окажется на грани

On June 25 in Ukraine set a new record – for the last day COVID-19 found 994 people.

The world health organization told about the risks for Europe, in particular Ukraine, due to the rapid growth in the number of patients COVID-19.

According to the Director of the European office of the who Hans Henry Kluge, now 30 countries in Europe faced a new threat in connection with the increase in new infections over the past few weeks.

“11 quick transfer led to a significant increase, which, if not stopped, will put the health system on the brink,” said Kluge.

He later clarified that speech about Armenia, Sweden, Ukraine, Moldova, Northern Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan and Kosovo.

At the same time, Poland, Germany, Spain and Israel responded to the threat of flash quickly, urgently strengthening the quarantine.

Despite pessimistic forecasts, who still hope that during the summer the situation with our new patients a few stabiliziruemost. At the same time in the autumn, the virus can flare up again, along with seasonal infections.

On June 25 in Ukraine set a new record – for the last day COVID-19 found 994 people, recorded 16 deaths, 349 patients recovered.

Just for all the time of the pandemic in Ukraine fell ill 008 40 people, including 17 758 recovered, deaths – 1067.

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