The who called “scientific breakthrough” British study on the treatment of COVID-19

ВОЗ назвала "научным прорывом" британское исследование о лечении COVID-19

The world health organization (who) has called “scientific breakthrough” the results of a British clinical study of RECOVERY, according to which the use of the corticosteroid dexamethasone helps to reduce the mortality rate among patients with disease caused by a novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

This is stated in a statement released by the official representative who Fadela shaib.

“This is the first treatment, (results) which demonstrate the reduction in mortality among patients with COVID-19 – presented in the statement of the Director General of the organization of Tedros Adhanom of Gebreyesus. – That’s great news, and I congratulate the government of great Britain, University of Oxford, as well as numerous British hospitals and patients who have contributed to this is aimed at saving lives scientific breakthrough”.

According to guideline research Professor, University of Oxford Peter Horby, dexamethasone has become the “first drug to demonstrate an improvement in survival when COVID-19”. Harbi believes that the drug should be immediately included in used in the world the protocols of treatment of coronavirus infection.

In the ongoing March of the study involved 11.5 thousand patients of the 175 British hospitals. The purpose of large-scale research project to study the effectiveness of the treatment methods are infected with coronavirus new. 2.1 thousand study participants received dexamethasone, however, also explored the efficacy of the antiretroviral drug lopinavir/ritonavir antibiotic azithromycin and the immunosuppressant tocilizumab, transfusion to patients blood plasma of patients undergoing COVID-19, and anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine. 4.3 thousand patients in the control group received only standard treatment.

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