The wife of the Prime Minister of Israel will return to the Treasury the money for expensive dinners

Жена премьер-министра Израиля вернет в казну деньги за дорогие обеды

Sara Netanyahu, wife of Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, the state will pay 55 thousand shekels (about 14 thousand euros) for ordering expensive dishes. The decision between the Prosecutor General and the most Netanyahu was reached on Wednesday, June 12. The agreement must be approved by the court.

The indictment States that in the period from 2010 to 2013, Netanyahu ordered in house food expensive for the amount of 175 thousand shekels (about 43 thousand euros) from restaurants despite the fact that the residence of the Prime Minister working as a cook. His services were paid from the state budget.

Prosecutors found that the wife of the Prime Minister with the order of dishes took advantage of the ignorance of the staff of the office of the Prime Minister. Itself, Netanyahu declared his innocence and claimed that the food ordered some third person against her will.