The winner of the contest “Miss World 2018” Vanessa de Leon: what he publishes Mexican – Lifestyle 24

Переможниця конкурсу "Міс Світу 2018" Ванесса де Леон: які фото публікує мексиканка - Lifestyle 24

On Saturday, December 8 in China died down one of the most prestigious beauty contests “Miss World Cup 2018”. By results of voting of the expert jury of the victory in the show was won by the representative of Mexico, Vanessa de Leon.

According to the organizers of “Miss World 2018”, 118 beauties from all corners of the Earth participated in a spectacular fashion show, showed national costumes, showed their creative skills and demonstrate intelligence. The final stage of the beauty contest lasted about 3 hours, then a charming girls had the opportunity to convince judges why they deserve to receive the honorary title.

The results of all tests won by a stunning Mexican girl, Vanessa de Leon. Spectacular brunette not only conquered the judges with its beauty, but also spoke about the numerous projects that it supports.

Vanessa is a certified specialist in the field of international trade, however, the specialty it doesn’t work. According to “Miss World 2018”, its main project is now a charitable Foundation “Migrantes en el Camino”, where she is active volunteer. In addition, the girl provides legal assistance after graduating from the University of Guanajuato, she received a law degree.

According to the blog of Vanessa, a model’s career is another activity that brings her pleasure. Girl with pleasure poses for the camera in luxurious dresses and trying on and hot images. Consequently gentle and playful Vanessa de Leon conquered not only the jury of the “Miss World Cup in 2018”, but the network. 24 LifeStyle journalists picked the most stylish pictures of the beauty published in her blog.


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