The winner of the Voice season 9 – Oksana Mukha

Победитель Голоса страны 9 сезон – Оксана Муха

In Ukraine died down enchanting vocal show “the Voice season 9”. By results of vote the voice of the country 9 season: winner show-Oksana Sahasradala, the victory project was won by Oksana Mukha was the team of Dan Balan.

Auditions for “the Voice season 9” it’s a lot of talented singers but not all of them managed to get into the final show. All four members won a chance to compete for a major win, in particular, Oksana Mukha, Zinaida Arsentyeva, Victoria Oleynik and Andrew Hyatt. Each of them represents a team of one star coach.

During the week Potapov, Monatic, Dan and Tina prepare their wards for the final show. Participants then appeared before the audience with spectacular performances that shocked beauty. Not less wonderful was and songs performed by artists that the audience actively gave their votes.

By results of voting, the winner was the representative of team Dan Balan – Oksana Mukha. From Lvov took home the Cup with minimal interruption from Karina Arsentieva. Superfinalists won the main prize “voice of the country-9” – 3-room apartment in Kiev and a chance to get on the big stage.

The voice season 9 14 issue: view online presentation of the winner of the show Oksana Flies

The voice season 9 14 issue: watch online – the Duo of Oksana Flies and Dan Balan


The voice of the Vocal talent show that airs on the TV channel “1+1”. The project differs from all others in that the selection of judges affects only the vocal data of the participant. Everyone who participates in the project, is the “blind auditions” star of the judge, not seeing the man, picked him for his masterful performance of the song.

The show originated in the Netherlands in 2010 and spread rapidly around the world. Just a year later, the project was implemented in Ukraine. In 2019 there will be an 9 season of “the Voice”, which will open for spectators of the event.