The winning penalty shot Vasiliev brought the “Donbass” difficult victory over the “Dnepr”

On Tuesday, November 26, Druzhkovka was the match postponed 16th round of the championship of the Ukrainian hockey League, in which have converged the champion and Vice-champion of Ukraine “Donbass” and “Dnepr”.

The Donbass – Dnepr 1:0 B (0:0, 0:0, 0:0, 0:0, 1:0)

In the first period, the clubs looked at each other, playing more in defense than in attack. However, despite this, players have had chances to score in the opposition’s goal, but then was saved by the confident play of Stepan Goryachevskikh and Oleg Petrov in their possessions.

The second period went in exactly the same scenario. Although teams have become much more active role in front, creating a lot of scoring chances, but realize they are no “Donbass”, or the “Dnipro” did not work.

The final segment of the meeting had the largest number of dangerous attacking moves from both clubs. But again good job was done by a goalkeeper, who pulled even dead puck, not allowing the opponent to seize the advantage.

In spite of the passions and a large number of scoring chances, the main time of the match ended with the score 0:0 on the scoreboard and the fate of the match was to be decided in overtime. However, extra time was unable to determine the winner of the match – the teams had a pretty heavy five minutes, exchanging sharp attacks, but again should give tribute to the goalkeepers who neutralized the opponents.

In the shootout the teams were used for 7 of his attempts – in “pike” the only shot sold Miks Lipsbergs, and Pitmen Oleg Petrov flashed Alexander Vasilyev and pulled Dnipro to win this match.

Thus, in their confrontation of these teams have established parity – the clubs have won two games, “Donbass” with 34 points continues to occupy third place in the table and “Dnepr” with 38 points entrenched on the second line.