The woman boasted, “Audi” and become a victim of car thieves (VIDEO)

Женщина похвасталась «Ауди» и стала жертвой угонщиков (ВИДЕО)

A resident of the English city of Leeds has published on Facebook a photo of his brand new Audi for 30 thousand pounds and attracted the attention of car thieves. Reported by the Daily Star.

20-year-old Briton showed a photo of the new machine, and wrote that “just bought this beauty”. When she returned home in her new car, she was waiting for the criminals.

While the woman fumbled with the bag and phone thieves slipped into an open gate. When she got out of the car, the two criminals knocked her down, and the third jumped in the driver’s seat.

The woman tried to fight the hijackers, but to no avail: they got into the Audi and drove away.