The woman died because of the toothpick

Женщина умерла из-за зубочистки

50-year-old Portuguese ate a sandwich together with a toothpick that caused the inflammation. The next day the woman died, reports the Daily Mail.

The woman went to the doctors due to pain in the throat. She explained to the doctors that her pain feels like there is something stuck, after ate a sandwich with salami.

Would-be surgeon disfigured 10 palenok and one killed

On examination, the doctors found nothing that would disturb the woman, and sent home to be treated with antibiotics.

The day a woman found dead in tub in bloody clothes. Law enforcement officers determined that the cause of death was murder. At the opening of the esophagus of the women found a toothpick with a length of 3,5 cm It is called inflammation and, subsequently, cardiovascular failure. The woman lost consciousness and hit his head on the floor, after which death occurred.

Photo: Daily Mail.