The woman homeland in the car in front of the children

Женщина родина в машине на глазах у детей

A resident of the U.S. state of Nevada received birth in the car on the way to the hospital, and ten year old son was shooting the events on video, reports the Daily Mail.

Mike Anthony Addison drove his pregnant wife Rudy Napier for a checkup at the doctor. The couple asked his son Jaden to record the trip on video. Suddenly the woman cried due to the outbreak of fights.

When Addison realized that his wife was not joking, he began to speak a few soothing things. Then the man gave a word to my son, and two daughters, located in the rear seats. Jaden turned the camera on himself and jokingly said: “Hurry up”.

Napier and a baby girl safely delivered in the hospital and was soon discharged.

“I’ve been doing various “things” in the front seat of my car… But to attend the birth and carry on the car, which in addition to his wife sitting three children…,” wrote the father in Facebook, having accompanied a post the video of the birth of her daughter Jolie Taverns Addison (Addison Jolee Lavergne). The recording became viral and gathered more than nine million views.