The woman lost 70 kg and revealed the secret

Женщина похудела на 70 кг и раскрыла секрет

47-year-old Marnie benny from the Australian Melbourne for 11 months and lost 70 pounds. The woman says that to lose weight quickly helped her exercise, proper nutrition and support of her family, writes “Today”.

Benny confessed that about two years every week spent approximately 450 Australian dollars (8.9 million hryvnia) per week for a home delivery fast food, fish & chips, Chinese noodles, and soda without sugar. The Australian said that I hated myself for this lifestyle, but can handle negative emotions only with the help of sweets and fried.

“I missed Breakfast and lunch, and when I come home, we girls ordered the food and overeat,” she says.

Changed the way of life of 47-year-old Marnie only after going to the doctor, who told her about the high risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes. The physician advised the woman to perform simple physical exercises to get in shape and improve your overall health.

For 11 months of the 138-pound Australian woman managed to lose 70 pounds. Soon she was able to run first marathon.