The woman made 47 plastic surgeries in an attempt to look natural

Женщина сделала 47 пластических операций в попытке выглядеть естественно

The American, who survived 47 cosmetic procedures in an attempt to rediscover the natural beauty, was awarded a mention in the Guinness Book of records. According to the Daily Mirror, she stated that she did not want to be considered a member of “circus freaks”, according to BAGNET.

Since 1987 Cindy Jackson 14 times went under the surgeon’s knife. In 2005, a woman got into the Guinness Book of records and was awarded the title of a man who survived the greatest number of cosmetic procedures. Jackson argues that since made a few more procedures, but do not want to advertise it and hopes that the title will transfer to the new record.

According to Jackson, because people believe the activities of the Guinness Book of records “circus freaks”, she doesn’t belong there. “I always aspired to the natural mind, – she says. – From my point of view, if the operation result does not look as natural as possible, it is a failure”. The woman believes that the new possessor of her title could be the Brazilian Rodrigo Alves.

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