The woman received $56 million for the mistake of doctors

Женщина получила $56 млн за ошибку врачей

However, envy her is unlikely, because the result of this error became complete paralysis. Well, the doctors tried to hide from the patient his wrong actions.

In 2009, the new Yorker Patricia Jones passed through a routine surgical operation in the hospital in order to get rid of back pain. At that moment she was 56 years old. The woman was assured that the operation will help to eliminate back problems, and she will once again fully enjoy all the pleasures of life. However, within 24 hours after the surgery, Patricia could no longer manage nor hands, nor feet. As it turned out, two for carrying out the procedure the surgeon somehow provoked the hit of the piece of bone into the shell of the spine.

Was there a shard of thick part of the spine that resulted in permanent damage to certain nerve fibers. And this triggered a complete paralysis of arms and legs. Doctors for a long time did not recognize their mistake, they argued that the paralysis was the result of a spinal stroke, that is, Patricia is faced with a rare, but found in medicine complication. However, the judge handling the case, did not agree with the arguments of the medical team. Two days ago he made the decision to award the victim and her family members for compensation of $56 million.

For 10 years Patricia Johnson moves only in a wheelchair. She said that compensation in any way will not help to recover her former life, however, will not be superfluous to pay for the many expenses caused by the forced disability and need to hire nurses. Usually, during such operations, surgeons carefully monitor the affected patient’s back to avoid the specific errors that happened in the case of Patricia.