The woman tried to escape from police on Tesla, but the car battery died

Женщина попыталась убежать от полицейских на Tesla, но у машины села батарея

In Arizona, a woman stole the electric car Tesla Model S, parked near one of the shopping centers. The message about the theft came to the police pretty quickly, and organized criminal pursuit on the local highway, reports the Payson Roundup newspaper.

Despite the efforts of police to stop the woman could not even drive on the ribbon with spikes, electric car continued to flee on run flat tires. Winners and losers: the batteries of the Tesla ran out of charge. According to some reports, the car was stolen directly from the charging station and the reserve at the time of the theft was small.

From the car, the woman refused to leave and police had to break a window to get her out. She was under the influence of drugs.

And if real lucky with the battery level, the chase could continue much longer: depending on the modification of the Model S is able to pass on a single charge, up to 590 miles.