The woman who received the payment order in UAH 53 thousand, will write a statement to the police

Женщина, получившая платежку в 53 тыс грн, будет писать заявление в полицию

Yelena Tishchenko, who received the January payment order 53 thousand UAH, said it plans a statement calling on “Kievteploenergo” to the police. She reported about it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I consider myself a victim at the hands of “Kievteploenergo” that they engaged in fraud and illegal I counted 39 for the month Gcal. This refers to the amount of 52 932 UAH. Previous receipt was January 19 Gcal and $ 24 thousand for December 7 Gcal – 12 198 UAH. So I failed at 90000 UAH. I will contact the police,” the woman reported.

She also explained that the statement you write on article 190 of the MCC (fraud) and will demand compensation for moral damage. The woman said that for three days not sleeping and suffers from high blood pressure, very bad feeling.

The Deputy Chairman of osmd “rusanivsky Bay” Svetlana Tereshchenko explained that such bills are not a mistake, because their house has a dispatching system all the counters on the heat. In the house of 177 apartments and 177, respectively, of counters, which gather monthly with all the information: what kind of apartment and how many of Gcal consumed.

“Apartment Elena in the moment when she put the bills 53 thousand UAH, at the moment she has just 3 months were consumed in the 5 Gcal, which is slightly more than 8 thousand UAH, and not the 90 thousand that put in the payment. I think this is not a bug, just all the common areas, where they were unbalanced, all the heat in our house went on the payroll of Helen” – said the Deputy Chairman of osmd.

Женщина, получившая платежку в 53 тыс грн, будет писать заявление в полицию