The work of magical forces in the 10-minute gameplay video Tactical Breach Wizards

Работа магического спецназа в 10-минутном геймплейном ролике Tactical Breach Wizards

Breach Tactical Wizards – a small step-by-step strategy from the author Gunpoint and Heat Signature. In it you will play for the team of the modern wizards of cops fighting drug dealers and terrorists. The developer has released a 10 minute gameplay video where he talked about some of the features of the entertainment.

The video shows the gameplay for the two characters – in the final version, there may be about six. Riot Priest equipped with a large police shield, and the Cop Witch possesses magical powers. Battle at any time to rewind, eliminating bad moves.

As the developer says, he don’t want his game was too complicated, besides Breach Tactical Wizards focused on the story. Each of the characters has their own backstory and prescribed character. However, the adventure can be harder to do independently, completing missions as efficiently as possible – it relies for style points, which can be spent on costumes and other “cosmetics” to their wards.

Moreover, in battle the game will offer various tricks – for example, violators of the law can destroy a strong hitting the wall and throwing them from the Windows, and to cause to shoot each other. Basically enemies equipped with firearms, but you will meet the enemy wizards.

Between battles, you can chat with friends through an extensive dialogue system, and to select equipment and skills for the next job. But the depths of serious turn-based strategy can be expected – in the first place is a story adventure about 8 hours. Resist you will be more than one antagonist, as usual, a group of villains.

Release Tactical Breach Wizards is planned for PC – the game already has a page on Steam. According to the developer, the strategy is still at an early stage of development, so the exit a lot can change.

Работа магического спецназа в 10-минутном геймплейном ролике Tactical Breach Wizards