The work of Sofia has a little sister – an impressive video

У работа Софии появилась младшая сестра - впечатляющее видео

Company Hanson Robotics introduced the sister of the most intelligent robot in the world of Sofia. The development is also named Sofia. It is designed specifically for the entertainment and education of children aged 7-13 years, reports ONLINE.UA with reference to Kickstarter.

It is noted that Little Sophia has a “growth” of 35 centimeters and can walk, talk, sing, play games and, like her older sister, to tell jokes.

“With its own software and a connection to the database of textbooks Academy AI Hanson, she is a unique companion for children. The developers are convinced that Little Sophia will inspire children to study through a secure and interactive experience with the robot,” – said in the message.

It is worth noting that over Little Sophia large team of engineers, scientists, researchers, enthusiasts, toy manufacturers, developers, characters, designers and experts on the development of artificial intelligence. By the way, many of them assisted with the work of Sofia.