The world Boxing Association has stated that Klitschko has not received the position

Во Всемирной боксерской ассоциации заявили, что Кличко не получал должность

The world Boxing organization WBA deny the information that the legendary Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko, received a prestigious post.

According to preliminary information, Vladimir Klitschko was appointed an adviser to the President of the WBA Gilberto Mendoza.

In addition to Klitschko, counselors Mendoza became Oliver Gomez – General counsel, Francisco Pina – financier, Joseph Estwanik – responsible for medical Affairs and Robert Mak, who became a legal Advisor.

However vRINGe denies the information on the appointment of the Klitschko’s Advisor Mendoza.

Last week the organization’s President appointed a new Board. Perhaps in this regard, and there was confusion regarding the role of Wladimir Klitschko. We would like to clarify that Klitschko is a great friend of our organization, but he is not a Director, not an Advisor, not a member of the WBA,
– said the WBA.

Klitschko has not yet commented on the information about his appointment at WBA.

What is WBA?World Boxing organization (WBA) was established in 1962 on the basis of the national Boxing Association of the USA, with its registered office in Panama. Mendoza headed the organization since 1982. It is the oldest international Association of professional Boxing. Every month she updates the ranking of the best boxers in the world in 17 weight categories.

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