The world Congress of Ukrainians made a powerful statement because of the persecution of Poroshenko and destination Babikova

Всемирный конгресс украинцев сделал мощное заявление из-за преследования Порошенко и назначения Бабикова

The Ukrainian world Congress (UWC) and the world Ukrainian community has expressed concern over the political persecution of the fifth President of Petro Poroshenko, the investigation of the murder of Pavel Sheremet and several legislative initiatives.

As stated on the Congress website, in particular, concern the issues of political justice we are Talking about the investigation Sheremet, as well as the signs of political persecution of leaders of some political forces in Ukraine, including Poroshenko.

“Any investigation should be held in full compliance with applicable law, and not guided by political decisions. It’s priorities for the approval of the international image of Ukraine as a legal state because each citizen of Ukraine has the right to judicial protection and fair court”, – is told in the message.

Separately, the Congress noted with concern the appointment of the former lawyer of Viktor Yanukovych Alexander Babikov Deputy Director of the State Bureau of investigation.

“SSI shares the view of a significant part of the Ukrainian international community about the inadmissibility of such appointment because of the obvious conflict of interest Alexander Babikov, and also because of the actual leveling of the values and achievements of the revolution of Dignity. SSI hopes the revision of the decision on this appointment, calls for a re-transparent competition for the post and to publish full information about this competition, avoiding actions and decisions that destroy the reputation of RRT and cause concern about the possibility of a revenge of anti-democratic forces in Ukraine,” – said in Congress.

Also there expressed concern about the draft law on combating misinformation, proposed by the Ministry of culture, youth and sports of Ukraine.

“The proposed bill provides for excessive government regulation, control and potential censorship in the media, could provide a basis for politically motivated manipulation and have a negative impact on professional self-regulation of journalists. The UWC emphasizes the importance of combating misinformation, especially in the conditions of Russian aggression. However, this cannot be done at the expense of media freedom, the state’s influence on media content and government regulation of journalistic activities in the country”, – stated in the message.

Also in UWC remembered the termination of work in English, Arabic and Crimean Tatar edition of UATV.

“Communicating truthful information to the largest possible number of States of the world, including through the Ukrainian TV channel UATV English, Arabic and Tatar languages, is one of the main challenges to counter the disinformation at the global level,” said UWC.

In addition, Congress criticized the draft law on land reform in Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian world Congress calls for proper consultation, proper analysis and compliance with necessary procedures before the adoption of the package of legislation on land reform in Ukraine. Internals insists on the need to adopt carefully prepared, balanced and fair decisions aimed at the development of a full, efficient, dignified and caring owners of their land,” – said in internals.

“UWC continues to monitor the situation and processes in Ukraine is actively cooperating with the Ukrainian government, international organizations, diplomatic missions and all representatives of civil society. In the framework of such cooperation, from 28 to 31 January will pay a working visit to Ukraine, the First Vice-President of the UWC Romanova, during which consultations will be held with key partners of all the above issues. Ukrainians of the world and remain actively attached to the development of the program of reforms in Ukraine and ready to provide further support in this direction ” – said the President of the UWC Paul Grod.