The world exhaled in China created a vaccine for the coronavirus, the details

Мир выдохнул: в Китае создана вакцина от коронавируса, детали

Chinese scientists have created a vaccine that will stop the epidemic of the coronavirus. Important opening told Chinese Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hongwei. This information was published on the website

During the briefing the diplomat reported that researchers have managed to develop an effective vaccine, “showing immunity”. But of the widespread use of the drug to speak still early, as we need to finalise and test.

The Ambassador said that in the epidemic of the coronavirus using 2 older medicines.

In all cases, when applied drugs, it is not revealed a single case of complications, – said Zhang Hongwei. According to the diplomat, their efficiency exceeds 85%, and in some areas exceeds 90%.

The Ambassador also denied reports that the infection has an artificial origin. The most likely source of the virus is wild animals. At the moment it checks the version that the “owner” of the disease could be a bat.

It is worth Recalling that in late December last year in the Chinese city of Wuhan outbreak of coronavirus. The world health organization has declared the disease a name COVID-19. According to recent data, the number of infected in China increased to 79.3 thousand people, victims of the infection were 2.5 thousand patients.

Мир выдохнул: в Китае создана вакцина от коронавируса, детали