The world has a cryptocurrency tied to the coronavirus

В мире появилась криптовалюта, привязанная к коронавирусу

Cryptomnesia created a new digital currency called CoronaCoin (NCOV). Just released 7,604,953,650 NCOV, which corresponds to the number of inhabitants of our planet, according to “Ministry of Finance” with reference to

According to the publication, every two days will burn as many tokens as it was recorded new cases of infection with the virus and victims. It makes CoronaCoin deflationary and limited emissions. Yet to purchase a digital coin can only be on two platforms – ForkDelta and Saturn.Network.

Cryptocurrency was developed on the basis of Ethereum, however, the scheme is not well thought out. On the website token is missing information about the developers, specific information about the project and the method of counting the victims of coronavirus (data on different resources is different, so it is unclear what information will be used).

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It is noted that part of the money received from the higher valuations of the cryptocurrency will be donated to the “Red cross” to fight the disease.

Bitcoin has proved resilient to the Chinese coronavirus

Experts also noted the low trading volume. For the entire period of the existence of NCOV his max was $ 150. Need to add that CoronaCoin appeared not so long ago, and while not traded on major exchanges. To obtain a token as airdrop on the official website of the developers.