The world’s biggest fan of Acura gave a tour of his amazing garage (VIDEO)

Самый большой в мире фанат Acura провел экскурсию по своему удивительному гаражу (ВИДЕО)

Collection cars is nothing new. Many drivers collect cars only one brand, and fans of the Acura company in this sense is no exception.

Tyson Huey, a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, is an avid fan of Acura. So much so that he turned part of his house in a six-story garage, like showroom Acura 90-ies. The above video he recorded a brief overview of the latest creations of the Hyuga From original brochures to jewelry, typical of the 90’s, his garage Acura really is a time capsule and a reminder of the heyday of the Japanese brand.

Huge has a blog and says his goal is to inspire its readers and car lovers to travel with the Acura Legend Coupe and ILX. The legend coupe has already accumulated over 500,000 miles and still going.

In the garage you can see and Integra GS-R, Legend Sedan, Vigor, and a Formula Red NSX. Moreover, all these cars come with manual gearboxes.