The wrapper for the price of candy: the network talked about “real” prices for Hyundai Creta

Фантик по цене конфеты: В сети рассказали о «реальных» ценах на Hyundai Creta

Buy “Korean” with a 2.0-liter engine for 1 million roubles it is impossible, believe the motorists.

A popular blogger with channel Autonews went to the Hyundai showroom to find out prices for Creta crossover, as well as to decide whether to overpay for the Assembly, but the motorists under the video, his work is not very appreciated.

Obzorschik praised the dealership, boasting that he and the freebies offered, and pile all sorts of discounts, and in General he was ostensibly without any problems and will be able to buy a Hyundai Creta with the 2.0-liter engine for 1 million rubles. “The official” vying to prove to the driver that at this price tag is realistic, if we keep on “Crete” with full drive and automatic transmission.

“Well, we have all sorts of deals on Trade-In, special conditions for loans and so on are all discussed,” says the expert, however, commentators do not believe a word he said. Motorists have shared their experiences of Hiking the official dealers of Hyundai Creta trying to buy this crossover at the minimum price tag.

“The likelihood that you will give the 2.0-litre Cretu over 1 million is extremely low. In the regions for such a model is not that discounts are not given the option to impose, make to take. And 50-100 or even 150 000, if we talk about the most quirky”, – righteously outraged commentators on the network, specifying that the designated Hyundai Creta will be released at least not cheaper than 1.3 million roubles – such is his “real” price.

In addition, the crossover, even for the money, leaves much to be desired. Plastic is too stiff and it will not change even in the “luxury” version, and the interior in General is a very grey, no chrome even in picking Luxe, everything is very boring. Thus, we are convinced motorists, Hyundai Creta for the money is, in fact, trying to sell a wrapper for the price of a full-fledged candy, and over 1 000 000 rubles to buy a decent “Korean” precisely will not be.

Фантик по цене конфеты: В сети рассказали о «реальных» ценах на Hyundai Creta

Фантик по цене конфеты: В сети рассказали о «реальных» ценах на Hyundai Creta